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[12 Jul 2005|01:41pm]
I was going to write emails to all my friends but apparently gmail doesnt work in spain...stupid spanish. So instead im making a livejournal post that will probably save me time in the long run. Sorry you dont get a personalized email. :(

(i feel kinda silly sitting at a computer considering im at spain and should be out fighting bulls or something but whatever)
we came to spain and got in at Madrid which is like..the new york of spain with clubs everywhere. I was hoping that coming to spain i would be able to kinda get away from the US, but really it feels prett much the same. :
1. when we rented our car the first song to come on the radio was the friends theme song (ill be there for youuuu)
2. immediately getting out of the airport i see a billboard of quentin tarantino (cool.) doing an add for white label alcohol (not cool.)
3. we tried to go to an authenticcc psanish restaurant and thought we had found one but then i notice their music is playing American Woman...the lenny kravitz version...-¡dies!-
4. there were two starbuckss within a single block of my hotel..i could sit at one and see my dad at the other one (you know how the sizes are like ¨grande¨¨, ¨largo¨..i was hoping that in spain they would be ¨medium¨¨large¨...ymakes sense right?..maybe in italy...
5. worst of all¨: there was a scientology headquarters next to my hotel. i swear i saw tom cruise walk out of it. and aliens.

Uh oh im running out of time (two minutes to be exact)¡!

damie¨n: did you get that job at th ephoto place? what crappy akira kurosawa movies have you been watching? I was thinking of getting OH SHIT IM OUT OF TIME
emma: want an english terrier when im in england_
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If you can't beat em... [20 May 2005|09:11pm]
I've been meaning to do this for a long time but im a procrastinator at heart, and to be honest, everybody seems so cool that this community is almost intimidating. yup i said it, intimidating. I'm slowly overcoming my fear though and so heres my intro:

Name: Jeffrey
Location: LA (los angeles, not lousisiana..although lousiana rocks..)
Age: 18

Music: I really like all music, im even open to country, i know i just made people cringe. But...In order of what ocmes to mind: Dave Matthews (&Band), Phish, R.E.M. Rolling STones, Stone Roses, Cake, Jack Johnson, Simon and G funk then also: Rilo Kiley, Wilco, ARcade Fire blablabla independent etc.

Movies: The Graduate, Donnie Darko, Butch Cassidy, Ferris Bueller's day off, John Hughes, Marx Brothers, Tim Burton

Books: Tom Wolfe -- pre Charlotte Simmons, Jack Kerouac, Kavalier andClay, Bradbury, Shel silverstein ++, where the wild things are

Something interesting/unique: DO i darE to use my college essay? no that would be cheatingggg. ummm i guess its kinda interesting that I built a darkroomin my bathroom..not necessarily because im skilled/obsessive, but more because its fun developing pictures and pretending like im Peter Parker. On the more unique side i have socially debilitating addictions to Nutella and Kinder surprise, chocolate before friends.

If you've read my interests and think that I have good taste feel free to IM me...if you think i have horrible taste thats fine too, I'm open to suggestions, just be gentle

SN/Email: columbo23@mac.com, onetuffcookie@gmail.com
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I forgot how to use this thing. [02 Mar 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | working ]

I haven't posted in a really long time, it makes me feel a little selfish for hoarding all my feelings. But now im gonna be even moooreeeee selfish and ask for a little helpppp with a dilemma im having. The thing is see, I wrote this short story and wanted to submit to lit mag, butt they say my short story isnt short enough ( it's 7 pages, they want a measly five). Who knew the word "short" could be so page specific? So if you getttt reallllyllylyly boredd and wanna help mee try and edit it down a bit, you can read itt and lemme know what you thinkk. criticismmm is always welcomee and so are compliments :) anywaysssss here it is:

gather roundthe fire, its story timeCollapse )
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[22 Sep 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | hispanic ]

Lo siento para la gramatica incorrecta y que no puede poner accentos. Livejournal no es facil.

Hoy era el primer dia de mi clase de bailet. Yo era tan emocianante y senti nervioso. Habia estudiado bailet cuando tenia doce anos, mi hermana mayor lo me obligo. Ella penso que yo era un muneca que ella podria adaptar a sus ordenes. Pero, ahora, yo estoy estudiando bailet de mi propio voluntad, y me interesa. Alguien piensa que bailet no es masculine, pero es obvio que ellos nunca han tratado de hacer un demi-plier en quinto posicion. Las chicas en la clasa tienen tolerencia de un cisne, y yo tengo la tolerencia de un tortugo – pero lo estoy aprendido mucho.

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a whole new yearrrr [17 Sep 2004|01:29am]
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[11 Dec 2003|02:38pm]
surprises suck.
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so much beauty in dirt [08 Oct 2003|04:58pm]
[ mood | fhdhcjgfkbvhlg ]

is it selfish not to have the organ donor sticker on your license?when i got my second license i got a second sticker and i havent thrown it out yet..its still sitting on my desk kinda mocking me. its kinda weird to think of somebody else using your heart or your lungs or something.

i like saltines...theyre so bland and yet so full of salty flavor in every bite.

if i was named Scott would i have a different personality?...i think your name might predestine the type of person your gonna be. like i cant imagine myself being who i am with the name Bif or something...id probably be alot bigger. Then theres the trick names like dexter...the potential for really cool and also super dorky.

Im too critical of people i think. theres like over 2 thousand kids at our school and im really only friends with about 30...only really good friends with probably about 7...and reallyyy good friends with 2 or 3. how many people are in the world...like 9 billion..and to only be friends with 30. i bet there are some really cool cats in nigeria. maybe if i was less critical of people, meeting girls wouldnt be so hard. they dont have to have the exact same taste as me to be cool right?

i think i gave my grandma another heart attack...theyve been staying with us for a while..i think shes gonna crack soon. there was this chicken pot pie on the table...but i dont like all the creamy gushy stuff so i was using my finers to pick out the chicken and she was like 'JEFFREY!! YOUR RUINING THE WHOLE PIEE!' and snatched it away from me. then she calls me names like booboo and i feel like im gonna explode.

im not really sure why i posted....i think i had the intention of writing something important...

favorite quotes:
Michelle- excuse me..i cut my toe earlier and my shoe is filling up with blood.

Sherri Ann Cabot: We could just not talk or talk forever, and still find things to not talk about.

Jerry: Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don't stare at it. It's too risky. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away!

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These are a few of my favorite things [22 Sep 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | shit ]

I remember freshman year somebody asking me to list my favorite things..i figure its been 2 years and its time for an update along with a list of things i hate (or dislike for those who think hates too strong a word)

My favorite things:
1) opening the freezer and finding something good hiding in the back (ie chocoloate fudge brownie ice cream)
2) ice cream :)
3) lying in bed when its really cold outside
4) drinking hot chocolate while its raining or snowing
5) marshmallows in the hot chocolate
6) full moons..and werewolves
7) getting scared shitless..like when the bum pops out from behind the alley in mullholland drive
8) crazy movies like mulholland drive..all movies
9) the hot cholocolate center of the cpk chocolate souflet cake
10) stepping into a hot shower..and yes..even bubble baths are fun sometimes
11) working hard for something so you really deserve it..like the prize at the bottom of the cracker jack boxes hehe
12) stand up comedy esp. the amazing nicholas
13) when you lose something and find it years later in the most random places..like my chilly willy penguin next to the fireplace
14) totally telling somebody off and when they have no comeback and your like -BOOYAH-
15) ninjas..they totally kick ass
16) charlie brown/peter pan/ ninja turtles and the rest of those cool cartoons
17) getting a back scratch/massage (i think that might be the #1 favorite thing)
18) playing baseball/ fencing
19) hangin out with my buddies..having people to laugh at your jokes
20) music..what would life be without it?
21) feeling important or helpful..being important is even cooler
22) finishing a really hard task..like finishing sopranos first season in 4 days, getting all 120 stars in mario, or kickin somebodys ass in mario kart
23) kicking ass
25) hugging somebody you like
26) when your at a restaurant and you come back from the bathroom and your foods ready
27) my family
28) my pillow :) its so soft -sleeps-
29) silly arguments

okay thats enough of that...the list could go on forever but i think thats enough for now.

Things i Hate (dislike):
1) when you look in the mirror and your like 'who the hell is that ugly guy in the mirror?'
2) when you take your first bite of a new piece of gum..ya know when its ridiculously minty
3) when somebody cancels your tivo..stupid joelle..
4) when your ice cream falls on the floor :( .. there isnt really a ten second rule for that
5) when you take alot of REALLY cool pictures and open you accidentally open the camera
6) when people dont take you seriously
7) that lady who rides around in the golf cart at beverly
8) when you leave chocolate in your pocket and it gets all gooey and makes a mess
9) not feeling appreciated...being taken advantage of
10) semi sweet chocolate
11) assholes (like mean people..not the body part)
12) that akward silence when you tell a joke or story and people are like 'huh?'..although sometimes it can be funny
13) pity
14) secrets or when people are like 'ehh i dont think you wanna know'
15) feeling sad
16) having bad songs stuck in your head..like WHAM
17) making an ass outa yourself like trying to string a guitar and totally messing it up
18) feeling lonely and not having anybody to turn to
19) the door closing sound on AIM...it sounds like rejection slapping you in the face
20) hospitals
21) when people you care about are sad/hurt
22) not being in london
23) when people arent honest with you...not necessarily lieng but just not being honest or straight with you
24) getting busted..like when your stealing a cookie and someones like 'HEY! whos got their hand in the cookie jarrr'
25) downloading a song and its protected and makes that osund like -EEEEFHGKLDEEEEE-
26) when something is on the tip of your tongue...like right now im trying to remember the names of the baldwin brothers and its fucking killing me
27) feeling useless
28) being ignored
29) when you run out of magic shell :(
30) how tampon commercials always seem to be playing while your eating

alright thats enough i guess...if you made it all the way here im pretty impressed...feel free to leave your own mini list comments always appreciated

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Hello, my name is Ferris and im addicted to Ebay [23 Jul 2003|04:07pm]
i havee a problemm with ebayyy. ya know..when your clicking the buttons online..and buying stuff..ya never really realize that eventually, your gonna hafta pay for all the stuff you bid on. Last time i used ebay, i got kicked off cuz i wouldnt pay for what i bid on. I was clean for about 6 months. But i couldnt kick the habit. The other day i bought 375 dollars worth of concert tickets in seriously like under half an hour. so i got four ticketsss to see dave matthews on sundayy. i askedd some people if they wanted to go but apparentlyy either nobody likes dave matthews anymore or they just dont like me anymore...a combination of the two is possible. and then other people said the tickets were too expensive -psh- wateva. butttttt then i remembered callaaaa.gsaghjkdf shes gonna fly all the way down here for the concert -backflip-. im excited. andddd trevor (the funny little one that looks like a jellybean..not the black one) said hed buyy the other two tickets from me. gfjkaghdfgdafhdf. its all too perfect.i should still probably try to stop the ebay craziness..im gonna quit cold turkey...right after i win this next bidd -eeee-.
besides the whole concert fiascooo things have been pretty gooooddd. ivee tried alot of new things this summerrr and id say its been pretty productive so far. its too much to get into on a lj post but ya..on the whole things are good.
i went to see my sister (joey...the little annoying one) in a play tonight because i dunno..i just in a good mood i guess. the mood didnt last. it was a whole bunch of little kids doing Grease and i thought it would be cute. i feel bad for the kids in this play that actually thought they had talent. i feel bad for my sister too. at first i wonedered why she had such a small part and didnt get to sing like the other kids...then she had fer 15 seconds of fame (it reallly was 15 seconds..if she sang any longer i think we all woulda died). she sounded like a dying gorilla. i guess she wasnt blessed with the singing talent like i was 8-) -hehe just kidding...if ya heard me sing youd know how untrue that is-. my older sister grosses the hell outa me. her boyfriend is fucking Andre the Giant. he gave her one of his sweaters which is usually cute in a relationship....but it aint cute when the guys sweatshirt goes past your knees -shudders-. and he has this MONSTER pimple right on the front of his nose and im just like 'DUDEEE! POPPP THAT!'. -sigh-. she needs to find some better guys.
some movies that i plan on seeing before the summers over:
The Grifters -a john cusack flick..hes a cool dude-
The Wild Bunch -sam peckinpah...its supposed to be genius-
Straw Dogs -already seen it but a second time couldnt hurt :) -
Priscilla Queen of the Dessert
A Mighty Wind
The good Thief
The Cockettes -...sounds kinda kinky..-
The Great escape -steve mcqueen is the coolest..next to James Dean-
And that concludes my live journal post.
-Ferris Conley Esquire Junior III
p.s. im starvinggggggg
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Ode to a Pigeon [23 Jul 2003|10:25am]
Ode to a Pigeon
A poem by Bucky Katt -achem-
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you lookin at me?
thank you -bow-
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drum roolll pleaseeee [13 Jul 2003|03:41pm]
[ mood | cooky ]

alrightt so here goessss the third weekly..or everyother week..or whenever i feel like it..Song of the Week:
please choosee wiselyy
1) Free- All Right Now
2) (mystery band)- blinded by the light (according to kazaa its by bruce springsteen AND ELO...)
3) Soul Coughing- Circles
4) Jack Johnson- Dreams be Dreams
5) the yardbirds- heart full of soul

alright so thats ittt make your choicee one vote each..really in the end ill probably end up picking the song by myself but watever.

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been dazed and confusedddd for so long its not trueee [04 Jul 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | drained ]

im really confusedddd as of latee. i think i just want more than i can handlee...andi cant handle it anymore. im really bad at making decisions im too indecisive it drives me mad. the sunglasses are a perfect exampleee of my confusion..but there are more serious things too and it drives me nutsss. the past week or two of summer has really put me in like a spinn. i feel like in wild and crazy kids where they would put their head on a baseball bat and spin around -dizzy-. maybe i should just stop thinking about stuff so much and just act ya know?be more spontaneous. im not known for bein real spontaneouss :/. eh well watever im goin to sleep. im workin all day tomorrow..well almost all day. if anybody wants some good pizza feel free to visit.

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dear ndugu... [30 Jun 2003|05:51am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

woa. im an otter.cool. (-pstttt- i think its wrong)

yesterday was a mixture of really lame and really cool.
really lame:
i had to work at johnnies from 1245-830 wat a bummerrr. i thought it was only until 4 but my boss was like 'haHAA ya right your here until 830'. so it was a total of like 7 and a half hours with a litle break somewhere in between. i brought the invisible man to read during my break but i think i forgot it at the store. nuts. i got somethin like 42 bucks in tips which wasnt tooooo bad. would aliked some more though. some really freaky people come into that store -shudders-. calla was in town yesterday too which really sucked cuz she was meeting with blake like right when i started working, tis been a while since ive seen her.

really cool:
i went to the farmers markettt i loveee going to the farmers market. going every sunday gives me somethin to look forward to at the end of the week..its always nice to have something routine in life cha know? that way in case everything else falls apart you still know that youll have something reliable to fall back onn...like some good mexican food at the farmers market :). when i got off workk i asked maia if she wanted to watch a filmm so we rented about schmidt. i think its supposed to be a sad movie..-shrugs- i think its kinda funny. kathy bates gets naked in the movie...that..is..so wrong. her boobs hang down like below her knees -barfs- you also get to see jack nicholsons but. there is way too much nudity in that film. hehe at one part during the movie theres one of those commerials ya know like fundraising for the starving kids in africa and what not. so one of the starving ethiopian kids comes on the screen and maia was like " is that a monkey?' hehehe.i thought it was kinda funny. we were watching the movie and i didnt realize what time it was and then i saw it was like 1230 and i was like'yikesss im gonna be busted' so i hadda leave and racee on home. it seems every time i watch a movie with maia we never finish it. i got home and talked to sabrina and damien and we had two real good chats. then i went to sleeeppp.
p.s. check back later for the official song of the week ballot.
-Ferris Conley Esg III.

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pete and pete.cool. [25 Jun 2003|10:35am]
[ mood | crraazyyy ]

Pete & Pete. So, your younger brother has a tattoo
and you don't, what could be worse? At lease
your names aren't Eugene.

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
brought to you by Quizilla

pete and pete. cool.
yesterday was alot of funnnn. i went to my first ever live jazz performance with maia. first we went to johnny rockets and the waiter was real cool and didnt charge us for drinks or frfiess -score- i think its cuz im such good buds with masood. then we went to the jazz bakeryy. seriosulyy like nothinggg you hear on cd or on record or wateva could ever compare to hearing a band live. it was cool seeing them improv and solo and junk. the drummer kinda looked like martin luther king and the bongo player kinda reminded me of like i guess a bald matthew mconahey -or however the fuck you spell his name-. the saxophone player was weird though..whenever somebody else would solo he always made funny faces and one time he went 'EWWW!-shakes head in dissaproval-' and i was like 'hmm sound skinda like tobeyy'. and the keyboard guy played some funky stuff..he had on all these weird effects and he sounded kinda like R2D2. then we went to go get ice cream at el gelato and we went to maias house and played foosball (i kicked some serious butt). i only got 2 bucks in tips today..bummer. im gonna go find somethin fun to dooo. adios amigosss.
-Ferris Conley III Esq.

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im never doing that again [19 Jun 2003|06:14pm]
nicknames:jeff, jeffmeister, coolest guy in the history of the world, king of the world, sexiest guy in the world...ya know that sorta stuff
screen name: superjeff72..plus many others..
when is your birthday?: Dec 12 ..gimme presentsss
eye color: red/brown?
hair color: red brownn?
natural hair color: fusia
who do you love/like: for me to knoww and her to find outt :X
who is your best friend?: -shrug-
who is your girl crush?: isnt that kinda redundantt?
who is your boy crush?: im gonna hafta go with keanu on this one..have you seeennn point break?
your favorite people? (up to 10): ya know hwo ya are probablyy..sorry if ya dont make the cut

right now:

outfit: jeans, sockos, white shirt
hairstyle: blue steel
jewelry/accessories: 6 bracelets on the right, 2 on the left, 2 watches on the left, nipple ring..the usual stuff
underwear: horton hears a whooo

do you:

cut yourself: yaaa paper cuts are the worstt -eek-
lick yourself: sure why nott
whine a lot: no way
yell a lot: at sabrina.
hate a lot of people: tons. SHELLY! and anddd..i probably shouldnt list...
have too many friends: hah ya right
want to die: every minute of the day -sigh-
have a bf/gf: nopee
do drugs: not hard stuff..just like snuff and crystal meth and junk like that
wear dark colors: ya
dye your hair: hehe i did once..it was supposed to be black..
shave strange places: nope just the usual..ya know..liek the face and the chest and the back and that kinda stuff

have you ever:

kissed someone: yep.
gotten drunk: nope.
worn rainbow: no way.
talked on the phone for over 3 hours: probably
left the country: yaaa londons the coolest
had a party with over 30 people: ...do bar mitzvahs count? :/
taken nude pictures: with a body like this who wouldnt take pictures -hehe ..jk..-
stolen something: yup
caught something on fire: still trying to put it out
cheated on someone: nope
wanted to cheat on someone: nope...well never like seriously
asked someone out: yup...and every time is still just as akward as the time before it
been dumped: youd think this wouldnt be such a hard question to answer...im not sure
dumped someone: *see above*
had a dream, then the next day it happens: i dont think so..only like mutants can do that

dream mate:

short/long hair: shortish i guess
preppy/dorky/druggie: i think on the dorky side
freckles: meh
hair color: aqua
hat/no hat: nahhh im not really a hat kinda guy
fat/thin: a nice combinationn of the two
makeup/no makeup: watever..i guess not
dressy/casual: casual
holding hands/holding "other body parts": he he he

last person:

you touched: ....michael hankin?
you talked to: damien in the car
you hugged: hmm...ayelet i think
you kissed: -tkes the 5th-
had sex with: dont remember her name...decent price though
you instant messaged: samatha
who broke your heart: jennifer connely..one day shell realize what shes missin out on

are you:

understanding: i think so
open-minded: ya..well cept for food..ill stick with chickan thanks
arrogant: nahh...although i have been called conceited once..you know who ya aree -kills oyu-
insecure: definitely
interesting: dont think so..hope so..dont think so
hungry: oh man im starving this quiz is taen alot outa me
smart: well i passed the high school exit exam...thats goota count for somehtin right?
moody: eh...i guess sometimes
childish: yup
independent: i try to be
hard working: hahahaha
healthy: ya
emotionally stable: most definitely not
shy: yup
difficult: sometimes
attractive: puleez 8-)
bored easily: well this survey is gettin there...
thirsty: yessss
obsessed: nah
angry: ya probably
sad: what teenager isnt?
happy: ya probably
trusting: nah
ill: nah
talkative: depends...if somebody wants to talk about like..different kinds of nuts not really
ignored: i dunno
reliable: well if it something important than yah...but i can flake sometimes
self-disciplined: not really sure what that meanss..
sleepy: yesssss
lonely: meh sometimes

info about yourself:

what is your birth name?: Jefferino Polanski White
what is your birthday?: dec 12222
current age?: 16 and 3/8
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope
how tall are you?: erm...like...5'2 maybe? -stretches self out-
how much do you weigh?: im tryinn to gain weighttt
who is your best friend?: ..ya already asked dude
shoe size?: 8...8 1/2
brothers/sisters?: too many
job?: yaaa im tryinnnn


what is your favorite band?: of ALL time? currently: phish but what kinda question is that?
color?: i dunno..red? maybe blue..pinkkk?
music?: everythinggg...except polka
stores in the mall?: i dont muchh go to the mall
ice cream?: regular ol chocolatee smothereddd in magic shell
roller coaster?:thatt xxx onee at magic mountiainnn
candy?: KIT KATTT!
cd?: i steal music
cookies?: break and bakee toll houseee undercooked and like liquidey on the inside mmm
juice?: orange
holiday?: my birthday..or christmas
month?: december

in the last 48 hours:

cried?: jeffrey doesnt cryy -tear-
missed someone?: meh
yelled at someone?: sabrina..damien..ayelet..pictionaryyy
changed your underwear?: ......
drove somewhere?: ya to the moon
talked to someone on the phone?: i dont like the phone...but yah unfortunately
been online?: ....
smiled?: -smiles-
had sex?: psh cha right..i wish
kissed someone?: nope
hugged someone?: yep
last thing you ate?: i found some chocolate in my pocket...well i hope it was chocoalte..
talked to an ugly person?: -doesnt name namesss-

have you ever:

been in love?: nah
kissed someone of the same sex?: ...maybe..but not like SERIOUSLY
been in trouble with the police?: nah
hit someone?: yea watch out
broke something?: ya like everything i tough
betrayed a friend?: im sure
played strip poker?: nah..stripped just for the heck of it?..thats a whole nother story..
skipped school?: dont think so
stole something?: dude ya gotta stop askin the same questionss
shot a gun?: yaaa it was sooo coollll
broke something important?: stop askingg the same questionssssssss
smoked weed?: ....
dyed your hair?: ughhh.

okay last questions:

what is sitting next to you?: my aunt...shes leaving..
do you get along with your mother?: not really
favorite sport?: BASEBALLLL its sooo much funn...ooo and fencinggg -tooshay-
are you a virgin?: well some people say that using a tampon makes you not a virginnn..
how many partners have you been with?: well considering ive never actuallyy donnee itt
are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight?: straight.
been in a plane?: yes
killed someone?: i wish
stepped in dog shit?: -bored-
kicked your cat for the hell of it?: if i had one
slept during class?: yea
cheated on a test?: yea...i mean SATII's arent like seriouss testss anywayyy right?
are you bored of taking this survey?: oh dear godd yesss
what time is it now?: about 45 minutes later than when i started
are you tired?: im tired of this survey
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ewww barf me overrr [18 Jun 2003|04:07pm]
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ahh what a day [18 Jun 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | jumpy ]

today was SOOO much fun. first i took a test in bio which was kinda lame-o but watever at least i dont hafta deal with that bitch ms weiss anymore. then came the fun stuff. in ap euro we didnt have a test so i asked mr v if i could go and pick up food for the class. so i took everybodys order and collected money and i got the food and i ended up with like 15 bucks change -hehehe- so i didnt hafta pay for food..filled up a little gas..and i got a few bucks to spare 8-).
after school i went to sabrinas house wit damien to cut my locks. it as too funny seriously. Sabrina thinks shes like the master hair cutter haha she just kinda grabs my hair and cuts off pieces wherever she feels like. i got the whole fiasco on tape..itll be like an episode of my childhood. so then i made sabrina let me cut her hair and when she wasnt ready i cut a huge chunk off the back and she like ran out of the room screaming while damien and i laughed our asses off. ahh poor sabrina -hehe-pets-.
i got home and tried to fix the disaster zone that was my hairr. my sister cut some..i cut some..then i cut some more. and now im lookin as sexy as ever -hi5-.
then i got home and my cousins came in from florida and the little one is really cute he cracks me up. haha my aunts funny..i think she thinks shes still like 16 years old cuz shes got one of those trendy toe rings.
and nowww sabrinasss killing meee shes keeping a secret from me. I hateeee secrets they drive me NUTSSSSS. and she gave me this lame hint that drives me even crazier. so anyway i should probably get workin on that research paper..seeing as tomorrow is the last day of school and all. well thats about it. over and out.

p.s. hehe im justtt kiddin with yaa sabrinaaa you didnt do that bad ya were actually a pretty good hair-cutter

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dig that jive [17 Jun 2003|11:07pm]
today was pretty awesome. i wrotee a super cool essay for english oh man it was some good stuff. i used a bob marley quote in it too hehe that was my favorite part. emancipatee yourself from mental slaverryy only you can free your mind. i saw it on a bumpersticker the way to school...bob marley was looking out for me today...i knew that guy liked me. for band we didnt really do shit. but later jackson, mark -haha ohh mark- and i jammed in one of the practice rooms. it was pretty awesome i tell ya. jackson played trombone and mark played piano and i played the drums then we switched it up. it actually sounded pretty good too -pat on the back-
after school i went to islands with blake and sam and ran into maia and bo. maia came and sat with us for a while and bo ate some of our fries...stupid bo...
later in the day sabrina was being kindof a goon..she kept stealing my lines..its okay..i understand where shes coming from. i mean i have all these cool sayings like 'im outa here like whOa' and she doesnt have any. i guess i could share some of my coolness. and i feel bad cuz i always kick her ass at rock paper scissors. so sabrina..im sorry for getting mad at you for stealing my lines..i would like to apologize.
tomorrowww i will make my lj community so everybodyy joinnnn...please?:)? im gonna go study for bio. over and out.
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-eeeeee-kills lj- [16 Jun 2003|02:31pm]
[ mood | calm like a bomb ]

i just updated bu t it didnt work. so here goes im a try and remember what i said:

-eeeeeee- i had a 40 ozz slurrrpeee! (cherry...coke's grosss -blegh-) 40 oz's to freedom -chuckles-. im realllyy tiredd but at the same time im like fghkdfahgauwut ya know? i feel likee bartt when he drinks that SUPER slurpee and him and milhousee totallyy trip outt. jeffrey should not drive after drinking a slurpee. jeffrey should not drink slurpees.

i played my trombonee today and i tried to figuree out how to play take five on it but it didnt come out so hot. at least i can still play hot cross buns. i tried napping. that didnt happenn haaaHAA. -bounces-. i walked in on ms miller today when she was gradin my report and i was like 'hows it goin?' and she was like 'good' and i was like 'a plus??! cool.' she laughed. i didnt get an A plus. :(. -thats me with a dimple-. i need to nap. i need to shower. i need to finish my book. i needdd too accomplishh SOMETHING. i need to stop writing in such short sentences. laconic sentences you might say.

i dont like finals...anybody wanna go to london instead? im gladd schools almost over. im ready to start a new yearr. summer is gonna be fun i think...first summer with a car. okay i seriously need to stop.

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the votes are in [15 Jun 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | defeated ]

-sigh- i coundted the votess tons of times and here are the results: frank sinatra got 2 votes, brubeck one, 1 vote for jungle book, one for ben folds, and 4 for yesterday. so here goes
This weeks song of the week is Yesterday by The Beatles:

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay,
Oh I believe in yesterday.
Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be,
There’s a shadow hanging over me,
Oh yesterday came suddenly.....
Why she had to go I don’t know. She wouldn’t say.
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday,
Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh I believe in yesterday.....

(the lyrics are alot shorter than i thought they were)

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